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Waterfalls > Briol > Dreikirchen

Price: Gladly request

Meeting area: Base Camp Dolomites

Departure: Gladly request

From the town centre, follow the waterfall trail which takes you to the first waterfall and carry on to the upper fall. Trails no. 34 and 27 lead to Briol, and from there, trail no.4 will take you on to Bad Dreikirchen. Begin your return to Barbian on trail no. 6, and then branch off onto trail no. 3. The village road takes you back to your set-off point. The attractions of this walk are the spectacular Barbian Waterfalls, the historic Briol Guest House and Dreikirchen.

Difficulty: Medium

Route length: 8.6 km

Altitude difference: 560 m

Duration : 4:00 hours